Pure Silk 100% Head Wraps

  • Product name: Head Wraps
  • Product title: Pure Silk Head Wraps
  • Tagline: Let the beauty crochet around your crown
  • Intro/Headline: Expertly crafted by skilled artisans, our products are designed to wrap your head in the luxurious embrace of 100% pure silk.
  • Body: With a focus on using only the finest silk materials and incorporating warm motifs to embrace your days. Without a doubt, our products also join the campaign to fight cancer to appeal to those who are facing personal challenges. Our product includes six free instructions in the packaging to help you customize it to your preference.
100 % pure silkFree six instructions in the packaging
By joining our product, you are helping in the campaign for friends who are fighting cancer
Machine Wash: Cold Gentle
Designed with 3 warm motifsComfortable to use in every weather and placeFor those of you who are facing personal challenges, it is an alternative as a head covering that looks beautifulDo Not Bleach
35 oversized inches for easy tyingLay Flat To Dry
Prints are visible on both side
Do Not Iron
Each is uniqueWash in a laundry bag
Wash Separately
  • SEO Keyword: Pure Silk 100% Head Wraps
  • Things that motivate them: Creating increased confidence in use, joining the campaign against cancer, as a replacement for headwear that often makes hair tangle
  • Pain points or things that frustrate them: difficulty in arranging product orders, fear it will tangle hair, costs incurred in shipping if only 1 product is purchased because it is light.
  • Priorities in purchasing decisions: quality, feeling a social spirit by joining the campaign against cancer
  • Potential concerns they may have about the product: It is difficult to maintain the product because the materials used must be handled specially
  • Describe the dynamics of this hypothetical conversation: Embrace with confidence
  • How is the product different from competing items on the market: using 100% pure silk material, the focus of the campaign carried out by our company is to prioritize quality
Red Wine Strip100% silk35 inch oversized
Coffee Brown Emperor100% silk35 inch oversized
Disty Peacock100% silk35 inch oversized

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